How to Spot a Narcissist

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Narcissism is a real Disorder and Problem
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

The Video Above Deconstructs the Female Narcissist. It is truly an awesome video.  Watch it full screen and the full 51 minutes of it.  You can learn more at Read some of the comments on the youtube channel . This Video has explained a lot to me and helped me to survive my ex wife.  It is truly an extremely hard thing to live with.  The biggest part of the problem is that they don’t even realize what it is that they are doing to the people around them.

This article will go deeper into the problem and try to show what it is that you can do when you find out you are in a relationship with one.  There really is only one answer to the problem.  It is in all the articles I have read and I was lucky enough to be kicked out of the relationship.  RUN AWAY from the relationship, do not walk RUN.  Do not look back and no second chances.

Hot Crazy Scale Defined

This may seem humourous, the sad truth is how frequent it really is.  The hotter the lady the more we men allow them to get away with it until we cannot stand it anymore.

Then if you have a freakout, they stand back and say see I am not the the problem, they are, pointing at you.  

Narcissism in females is a huge problem.  The biggest part of the problem is that they are teaching our sons and daughters to be narcissists as well.

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To protect yourself against Narcissism, you must know the signs

The most interesting is the number of articles about how much a man is a narcissist and how to spot it within yourself. The best article I found was for divorced moms, so I understand the slant towards men. This is a men’s community and as such I will rewrite it to be fair, gender neutral. The original post can be found here By Christine Nanfra

Odds are that through the years, you have encountered a narcissist or two. You know, the person who is always talking about their latest and greatest achievement, the friend who thinks they are hotter and smarter than everyone, and the person who always manages to revert every conversation back to themself.

According to the Mayo Clinic, not all the signs of narcissism are obvious, and I would guess that many people have various traits of narcissism without actually being a full-blown narcissist or having been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. An official diagnosis can be made by a qualified mental health professional, and requires that the individual exhibit five of the nine symptoms identified in the DSM-IV.  (I was lucky enough that my ex-wife exhibits 8 of the 9 symtoms of narcissism.)

There are many signs of a narcissist, the biggest underlying problem is a low self esteem.  It may not seem like it at first, but as you get to know the person the more it becomes apparent in everything that they do from controlling you to how they put you down and gossip behind your back.

But what if you are married to a narcissist? To say that your life will be difficult is an understatement. Having been married to an undiagnosed narcissist, I can attest they are emotionally abusive, must win every argument and will make your life a living hell. You wouldn’t purposely marry a narcissist, but they are very good at trickery and manipulation. Here are 20 signs to be on the lookout for:

Narcissists can be charming and personable at first glance. They make great first impressions and will go out of their way for you, making you believe in their wonderfulness.

Narcissists know how to bide their time and make you feel very special. You will be deceived for a while until they know they have you, hook, line, and sinker.

Narcissists love to talk, mostly about themselves since they are preoccupied with themselves. They will turn every conversation around to be about their favorite topic, you guessed it, themselves. You will barely get a word in edgewise.

Narcissists have an exaggerated self-importance so will frequently talk of the important people they know and will name drop to impress. They want to make sure you and everyone else they know is impressed with their greatness.

A narcissist loves nice things and will only buy designer names because it is a symbol of higher status. Their outward image is more important than their inner reality.

A narcissist will spend a lot of time on making sure they look perfect. Their family members must also look perfect since outward appearances matter a great deal to them. And, how you look reflects upon their greatness.

Narcissists love social media and claiming as many friends or followers as possible. They love to self-promote their comings and goings and will post tons of selfies while always looking picture perfect.

In a narcissist's world, all is good if their needs are met. They expect you to plan your life around their needs.

Before you know it, once happily giving you thier attention and love has done a 180 and is now constantly taking. They thinks they deserve all the attention and could care less if you are without.

The narcissist must always be recognized for their greatness, or like a toddler will have major temper tantrums. If you disagree with them, then you are the problem and will be on the wrong end of their anger.

The narcissist is completely insensitive toward the feelings of others, even their so-called loved ones. You think they are on your side, but soon enough you'll learn that they could care less whether they have done something to hurt you or not.

Narcissists believe they are above others and have a high level of self-importance. They believe that most people just don't understand their intellect and, therefore, resent people who don't treat them as superior.

A narcissist is never wrong and if you try to point out what they did wrong they will turn it completely around to be your fault. They will talk and talk about how you are to blame until you agree with them or give up and stop defending yourself. They will also adjust the truth and lie till they can justify their actions and thus make you wrong no matter what.

Narcissists are hyper-sensitive to criticism and get extremely angry when criticized. Their egos are so fragile and their skin so thin that they take every negative comment as a form of abuse against them.

A narcissist's behavior is unpredictable and their negative reactions are often times excessive relative to the issue. Hell has no fury like an angry narcissist and you will be taken aback by their rage and punishing ways towards you.

Since they believe themselves to be superior, you will be demeaned every chance they get in order to shred your sense of self-worth to nothing. The objective is to always win and keep you feeling bad about yourself so you don't have the confidence to leave. They will also incessantly gossip and talk about you behind you back to anyone who will listen.  They will work at turning your friends against you and their friends were never on you side to begin with.  No one can leave them, they have to do the leaving or throw you out.

A narcissist blames everyone else for everything. It's always the bosses fault, the lowly co-worker, the kids, and mostly your fault. And don't hold your breath waiting for them to ever say, "I'm sorry." This makes them a perpetual victim. Always. This seems to be a skill to make themselves innocent in every situation even when they are the perpetrator.

Many people overuse the term controlling about their spouses, but once you are knee deep in a relationship with a narcissist, "control" ways take on a new dimension. The narcissist will not let up until your once loud voice is a mere whimper. You are a subordinate, not an equal in any way whatsoever.

How could they be a narcissist? They are perfect in everyway. Not only do they not know they are a narcissist, but if they read the signs above, they will think that you are the narcissist.

The narcissist must always be recognized for their greatness, or like a toddler will have major temper tantrums. If you disagree with them, then you are the problem and will be on the wrong end of their anger.

Sounds like a great catch, right? If the person you are married to has several of these signs, then cut the cord and run for the hills. It won’t be easy getting rid of them since they have to be the one who leaves, but do it.