Suicide Hot Line For Men
1-833-456-4566 Canada
1-800-273-8255 USA
Help Save Our Brothers, Friends, Dads, Granddads, and our Sons

The Numbers are Staggering

The Initiative
To Help

We want to build a suicide hot line specifically for men and men’s issues.  Building this hotline is extremely important as we are losing men at an alarming rate.  Here is an artical posted in wikipedia.

Suicide is a global phenomenon; in fact, 79% of suicides occurred in low- and middle-income countries in 2016. Suicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 18th leading cause of death in 2016.

Men In North America Are The Most At Risk

Taken from NIMH

Middle Aged Men Have The Highest Risk Of Committing Suicide

These are staggering numbers.  Why are the rates so high?  There are suggestions that these men are people that have been victimized by women and the court systems

You Are Not Alone

We men need to help each other in this regard.  We have always considered ourselves to be expendable in favour of our children and women.  This is how we have operated for thousands of years, this is what has kept our civilization alive.  Men are used to sacrifice, we need to realize that we are important as well.  

We Are NOT Expendable

There are plenty of studies that indicate we are just as important to the development of our children as the women are.  WE need to realize that we are major contributors to the world and society.

“The right of nature... is the liberty each man hath to use his own power, as he will himself, for the preservation of his own nature; that is to say, of his own life.”

Thomas Hobbes

plan of action

WorldWide Help Line

Right now we are creating this community and this is a service we believe is extemely important.  For now this number will be forwarded to a crisis line in North America so no matter what you will be helped.  If you believe that this is a service you would like to support.  Step through the door and join our community of men.

Knowing the Signs of Suicide

Pain isn’t always obvious, but most suicidal people show some signs that they are thinking about suicide. The signs may appear in conversations, through their actions, or in social media posts. If you observe one or more of these warning signs, especially if the behavior is new, has increased, or seems related to a painful event, loss, or change, step in or speak up.  Please Visit this page for more information

Depression & Hopelessness

They show persistent sadness, anxiety, fatigue.

They make statements of hopelessness.

Preoccupied with death

They persistently read, talk or think about death or suicide.

They stockpile medications or show sudden interest in firearms.

Increased substance use or Withdrawal

They increase alcohol or drug use.

They withdraw or isolate from friends and family. They stop talking to and doing things with others or stop doing activities they once enjoyed.